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What is IDFAX?

  • IDFAX provides information and professional services in the specialty of Infectious Diseases
  • IDFAX Translation Services provides Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew medical translation and linguistic services
Established in 1988 by Dr. Rubinstien, an American board-certified practitioner in Internal Medicine and American board-certified specialist in Infectious Diseases, IDFAX provides professional and specialized services to legal professionals, businesses, and organizations in the medical specialty of Infectious Diseases. Inquiries regarding specific disease states, management and prognosis are answered. Review and critique of medical charts and patient records are provided. Topics in Infectious Diseases are researched, summarized and references are annotated.
Dr. Rubinstien has practiced medicine in Israel and is currently practicing in the USA. This unique experience has provided him with expert knowledge of the medical language and jargon in both countries. IDFAX provides Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew medical translation services for individuals and organizations. Translation of medical letters, reports, records, summaries, articles and doctoral thesis is provided. Editing and proofreading services available. Dr. Rubinstien is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and the Israel Translators Association (ITA).
IDFAX provides a review of the medical record and medical chart of patients suffering from an Infectious Disease.

IDFAX provides services for legal professionals.

IDFAX provides services for businesses and organizations.

IDFAX Translation Services provides medical translation and linguistic services.

All communications are confidential.
Expeditious services are available.
Conflict of interests will be identified and avoided.
All reports and summaries are provided by e-mail and a hardcopy is mailed by regular mail, unless otherwise specified by the client.
IDFAX does not provide personal medical consultations or answer personal questions regarding Infectious Diseases through phone, e-mail or Internet. Expert witness testimony in court is not provided.
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